Todays's 5 Best Reads | The Trials of CrossFit, Fear and Russian Ink

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“Motown solo.” Just how do you go about opening a CrossFit gym? Jarrod Bell, who runs Detroit’s only CrossFit affiliate, will tell you. (Medium)

“Hard-to-reach hotels.” Five destinations, from Norway to South Africa, to really get off the grid this holiday season. (The Wall Street Journal)

“The architecture of fear: How to design a truly terrifying haunted house.” Step one: Find a spooky space. (Fast Company)

“A day with Project Ara, Google’s crazy modular phone.” The idea is for a phone with components you can swap out. (Wired)

“The coded world of Russian prison tattoos.” Criminologist Arkady Bronnikov explains the tattoos of Russia’s toughest convicts. (Mashable)


Tim Yap | 29-Oct-2014

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