EDC Card

Everybody has had that moment when they’ve been in dire need of a certain tool and it was nowhere to be found. With the EDC Card, you’ll never be at a loss again. Capable of fitting perfect into your wallet and made from CPM 3V Blade Steel with zirconium nitride PVD coating, it’s not only ultra-portable but will last you forever. The EDC Card substitutes for all kinds of screwdrivers and other handy tools including a nail lifter, bottle opener, metric ruler and scraper. The card is also TSA-approved, so you can feel free to travel everywhere with it. Available in standard size and slim, it was designed by CHA / O / HA Design Co. and surpassed its Kickstarter goal by over $30,000.

What: EDC Card.

By: CHA / O / HA Design Co.

Price: $40-$60. (Pre-Order).


Amir Eweis | 31-Oct-2014

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