18 Waits F/W 14

This week’s Maker is 18 Waits, a Canadian brand best known for its Old World sensibility and superior detail. Founded in 2009 by Daniel Torjman, 18 Waits strives to make sure every outfit it manufactures is a perfect fit and lasts forever while imparting an ease about menswear. Its fall-winter collection is motivated by the cold of both Canada and Iceland, hence its name “Spirits from the Snow.”

What: 18 Waits F/W 14.

Shoot location: Toronto, Canada.

Concept: “Fall/Winter 2014 draws its inspiration from two very different cultures whose people live under similar natural conditions and have thus adapted their way of life accordingly. The frozen vistas of the Canadian North have been home to Inuit people for centuries. Conditions often harsh and geography remote, they’ve lived off the land, taking nothing more than necessary, in order to survive.  Their holistic approach has led to many traditions and techniques that are still alive and well today. We particularly admire the traditions these Canadians have imparted. They are one with nature, raw and colorful—an essential mix to the Canadian fabric. We’re similarly inspired by Icelandic folklore and the country’s history. We took a trip to Iceland many years ago to learn about this culture and explore the haunting geography these people inhabit. Love at first sight and a forever sensibility of this land and this culture and these people engrained in our minds. The palette for our F/W 14 collection, predominantly black, grey, white and navy, is inspired by the extremities of the seasons both cultures endure—obscure winter months and shadowy skies and brilliant summer days and sparkling waterways. Their reliance on and relationship to nature is our design muse.”—Dan Torjman, owner and designer.

Talent: Stylist: Dan Torjman. Model: Joseph Murray. Photographer: Jen Arron (@jenarron on Instagram). 

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Amir Eweis | 28-Oct-2014

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