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I am no longer in my twenties. I have a family in tow, a business, and for the most part the boyish nature in decision-making has long been eclipsed by the current desire to make good on my responsibilities in life. 

Society, however, perpetuates a culture in which boys are apt to parade around in suits, and more than ever it's as if the point at which boy meets young man and young twenty-something meets man is no longer of consequence. 

When I look back upon my own journey, I see clearly that my progression did not stem from the growing responsibilities of adulthood or age, but decisions coming from a myriad of sources. These "catalysts," if you will, included people, places, bottlenecks of self discipline, hard decisions, failures, victories, relationships done right and (very) wrong, horrible style and then good style, culture and, most importantly, a desire to make my life worth something.

In this, one realizes that one sometimes has to pause, recalibrate and seek out a new altitude from which to see the real narrative at play.

The Noble Barbarian offers that new narrative. It is a myriad of sources giving each and every male an authority on manhood, teaching them how to progress from being boys to being men. At best, it will also be a compelling editorial and image-driven platform for delving into the things that the editorial team and myself have discovered and continue to find that have been of substantial value to understanding the progression of manhood.

We write for the man who lives a full rich life on his own terms and for those who want a guide to carefully curated living. The Noble Barbarian is the modern man, pushing to be progressively timeless; purpose desired, significance mandatory. A gentlemen as well as a worthy savage who hunts what is great and compelling. A new definition of man.

I could not be more excited about this project. Enjoy the journey.

Steve Trayner, Founder

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