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Today's 5 Best Reads | George R.R. Martin's New Release, Best Beards

Noble Barbarian presents its daily links to the five best stories on the web covering art, food, psychology and retail to who’s who and what's next in pop culture and entertainment. “George R.R. Martin unvei...Read More


Nod Ring

Ever wish you could control the world with a wave of your hand? Nod lets you do just that. The stainless steel ring is made up of 80 different components that give you absolute control over almost anything technological through simple hand gestur...Read More


Number 288 F/W 14

This week’s Maker is Number 288, a footwear brand founded last year on the idea of creating a new, modern standard in shoe design while showcasing a diverse, international lifestyle aesthetic. Subsequently, the pieces in its Fall 2014 debut...Read More

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